Innovative approach to medical data

About us

GIMN - international company focused on the it-solutions in healthcare market.

Our work is designed to provide hospitals, labs, private practice physicians and other market participants to use additional functionality without changing the existing solutions provider.

Our team - experts with extensive experience both in medicine and in the field of information technology.

We rely on the world's leading experience, modern scientific knowledge and engage world famous experts.

About system

GIMN creates solutions that can effectively interact with existing systems and provide them with information support. We use innovative approaches to the data processing that enables us to offer information service providers and their users with a number of additional features.

 Our product allows to use large amounts of data efficiently;

 Our tools are easy to use and have a user-friendly interface;

 We provide access to additional functionality.

The main market problems solutions

Our it-development in the healthcare can solve the main market problems:

Maintaining the confidentiality of patient data

Maintaining the confidentiality of patient data

Inconsistency of medical data

Inconsistency of medical data

Significant costs for it-infrastructure

Significant costs for it-infrastructure

Our goals

We want to see a doctor spent more time on diagnosis and treatment of the patient, than on filling large amount of different documentation.

We want to help clinics and hospitals to have the opportunity to optimize their outlays and reduce the service costs for patients.

We want to help patients to get an objective and structured information about their health at any time and to ask for professional advice.

Our global goal - to make the communication between all health care organizations around the world simple, uniform and comfortable.


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